Master of Science in Electronics Engineering (Blended and Fully Online)

Control Systems

The Master of Science in Electronics Engineering program major in Control Systems deals with the study of advanced control strategies of dynamic systems and processes. The program focuses on the mathematical bases of these strategies and their impact on the system or process through instrumentation and simulation work. While this program is preferably for bachelor’s degree holders in electronics engineering, it may also be offered to bachelor’s degree holders in chemical engineering and mechanical engineering provided that they take additional undergraduate courses prior to enrollment in the graduate program.


The Master of Science in Electronics Engineering program major in Microelectronics focuses on the theory and application of microelectronic devices and circuits. It offers electives that provide the student with a specific track towards advanced integrated circuit design. This program is research-oriented and culminates in a master’s thesis. The curriculum is well suited to the students of BS-MS program in electronics engineering, but it is also open to practitioners and graduates of electronics engineering and electrical engineering who are interested in obtaining a focused knowledge of microelectronics.


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