Technological Improvement for New and Keen Engineering Students – Mapúa University


THINKERS-EECE, founded on September 11, 1984, is one of the recognized academic organizations in Mapúa University, Intramuros, Manila. The organization is comprised of well-rounded individuals that encourage incoming freshmen to share knowledge between them and participate in school-related activities in preparation to a life of being a Mapúan. Such individuals are currently taking Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering. The organization does not focus entirely in academics, but also in character building making each and every member physically, mentally, morally, and socially capable. On the other hand, the organization also make individuals specialize their skills in fields of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering.

The organization’s domicile is located near the North Bridge along with Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. (IEEE). THINKERS-EECE’s application period is open on the first and third quarter of the academic year.


We, the members of the THINKERS organization, imploring the divine aid of the Divine Providence and firmly that our academic, moral and social well-being can be achieved only through unity, understanding, and cooperation, believing that an independent and unified student organization can best serve in the upliftment of student academic performance and further believing that a strong and active student organization is vital in developing individual skills and realizing one’s potential.


  • To encourage every member to manifest knowledge, skills, values, and necessary attitudes through participation in various activities of the organization to applications in life situations
  • To encourage every member to exchange ideas between schools of different expertise and meet the high standards of the Institute
  • The organization also aims to demonstrate moral characters and necessary discipline to contribute positively to the Institute

Contact Information

Email: FB Page: @thinkerseece Twitter: @thinkerseece Instagram: @thinkerseece