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Institute of Electronic Engineers of the Philippines – Mapúa University Student Chapter



Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – Mapúa University Student Chapter (IECEP-MUSC) is the sole accredited student organization exclusive for ECE Students in Mapúa. The organization started on July 24, 1986 with only two members, no permanent tambayan, and no official set of officers. In the present, it consists of hundreds of members. A combination of elected and assigned officers from the members are to form a total of 30 officers that will lead the organization. In one academic year, the organization is divided into two batches which would acquire two terms per tenure. The organization encourages and accepts new applicants at every start of the tenure, which is in the odd terms of the academic year that could take the benefits from IECEP-MUSC.

The organization is divided into six committees namely: Academics, Newsletter, Project, Public Relations, Sports, and Technical. The Academics Committee shall develop the intellectual aspect of every member of the organization. The Newsletter Committee contributes for the official publications of the organization known as Our Trend, Gazetta, and the Gazette. The Project Committee organizes outreach programs, designs the bulletin boards, and improves the headquarters of the organization. The Public Relations Committee is the center of every activity where almost all the functioning committees primarily depend on its ability to disseminate the necessary information to the members.The Sports Committee recognizes the Inter-Org Sports fest of the EECE Student Council and the various student chapters’ athletic teams, plan special tournaments, and ensure that every member will contribute to the physical development of oneself. The Technical Committee plan and prepare electronic workshops and other technical oriented activities. Moreover, these duties and responsibilities committed to each committee is not only limited within them. They will just serve as the leaders for the development and improvement of every member in a certain aspect of a person. All of these committees work collaboratively together with the elected officers to make all of the members of IECEP-MUSC be united as one.



IECEP-MUSC shall be a distinguished organization of Electronics Engineering students of Mapua University and of its Mother Chapter by developing anmd nurturing competent, virtuous, productive and well-rounded Electronics Engineering students of the Institute.



  • IECEP-MUSC shall foster fellowship among Electronics engineering students both inside the Institute and with other students of the recognized chapter.
  • IECEP-MUSC shall contribute to the physical, intellectual, and social development of each member.
  • IECEP-MUSC shall keep ECE students informed with the latest trends and changes in the field of Electronics Engineering.
  • IECEP-MUSC shall uplift the honor and prestige of the mother chapter, through various activities sponsored, initiated and participated in by the organization.




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