Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa University

DescriptionJunior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa University

The Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa University Chapter (JPCS-MU) is a recognized chapter of the Junior Philippine Computer Society National Incorporated. It is an organization of students in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) and engineering. JPCS-MU is composed of students taking up Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Multimedia Arts, Information Technology, and Computer Science Programs.

The organization serves as a catalyst for supplementary ICT education in the institution. It is actively involved in providing technical and non-technical seminars and events for the Mapúan community. In JPCS-MU, we aim to provide our members with experiences that complement the knowledge we acquire in the university, thus preparing each member to become a world-class ICT professional.


The Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapua University Chapter aims to:

  • Promote among enthusiasts the understanding and appropriate usage of information & communications technology
  • Encourage commitment to higher standards of computer education among chapter schools
  • Provide a venue for information exchange among its members, thereby promoting and improving ICT throughout the country
  • Prepare the student for a future as an ICT Professional


To create and sustain an extra-curricular learning environment that:

  • Complements the academic experience provided by institutions
  • Is sensitive and responds to the needs of the computing and information technology industry
  • Prepares the student to be a better computing and information technology professional

To unite and commit the youth to:

  • Technical and leadership excellence
  • Fostering among themselves lasting friendships
  • Constructive cooperation in genuine love of God and country

List of Officers and Advisers (Batch 60 A.Y. 2021-2022)

Executive Committee

President: John Raphael M. Pangilinan

Internal Vice President: Christian James Y. Encio

External Vice President: Cyril Jay L. Chan

Secretary: Joshua C. Gonzales

Treasurer: Christopher Nilo A. Caysido

Auditor: Joshua Ron G. Garcia


Council of Organizations Representative: Hiroshi A. Kanie

School of EECE Student Council Representative: Claudee Khiarra R. Directo

Committee Chairpersons

Creatives Committee:

Mark William J. Regala

Rosezellynda D. Regular

Information and Communications Committee:
Joseph Kenneth G. Manzano
David Ronin D. Reyes
Membership Committee:
Jonathan Raymond Christopher M. Salazar
Carl Justin S. Tychuaco
Project Committee:
Ma. Eunice C. Cacanindin
Kurt Gabriel I. Royales
Property and Control Committee:
Miguel Angelo F. del Rosario
Don Paolo S.A. Manaois
Sports and Recreational Committee:
Geo T. Orpilla
Bernard Patrick Joaquin E. Pilares


Engr. Dionis A. Padilla
Engr. Charmaine C. Paglinawan

Contact Information