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Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa University

Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa University



The Junior Philippine Computer Society- Mapua Institute of Technology Chapter is an organization of students in the field information and communication technology. They are composed of students who are taking up EE, ECE, CpE, IT and CS programs. The JPCS-MIT aims to provide its members with experiences that complements the knowledge members acquire in their respective schools, thus better preparing each student for his future role as a world class ICT professional.



  • Aim of JPCS

    • To promote among enthusiasts the understanding and appropriate usage of information & communications technology.
    • To encourage commitment to higher standards of computer education among chapter schools.
    • To provide a venue for information exchange among its members, thereby promoting and improving ICT throughout the country.
    • To prepare the student for a future as an ICT Professional.



  • To create and sustain an extra-curricular learning environment that:

    • Complements the academic experience provided by institutions
    • Is sensitive and responds to the needs of the computing and information technology industry;
    • Prepares the student to be a better computing and information technology professional.

    To unite and commit the youth to:

    • Technical and leadership excellence
    • Fostering among themselves lasting friendships
    • Constructive cooperation in genuine love of God and country



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This organizations has no current events.

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