Mapua Integrated Computer Organization – Mapúa University

VisionMapua Integrated Computer Organization – Mapúa University

The Mapúa Integrated Computer Organization shall be the principal organization of the Computer Engineering students in the Institute.


    The Organization aims:

    • To promote the five core values of the institution which are Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Integrity and Relevance.
    • To inculcate among the members the value of life-long learning especially in the field of computer studies and advancement of technology.
    • To create solutions on societal and global problems using the relevant knowledge gained in Computer Engineering.
    • To promote environmental awareness and responsibility for a greener future.
    • To involve members to an academically enriching experience that will enhance their intellectual ability, sportsmanship and showmanship.
    • To uphold dignity and integrity of Computer Engineering in the Institute and in the country.
    • To foster fellowship, unity, loyalty, honesty and camaraderie among members.
    • To coordinate with other school organizations in worthwhile activities.
    • To encourage love to God, country, and Institute among members.
    • To help the members in molding their talents, realize their potentials and use them in productive and helpful way.

    Contact Information

    Facebook Page: MapuaMicro

    Twitter: @MapuaMicro