Message from the Dean


Welcome to the School of Electrical, Electronics, & Computer Engineering (EECE). I am deeply privileged, honored, and excited to serve our stakeholders as the Dean of the School of EECE, a school who has molded and crafted a lot of successful engineers, both in the local and global arena. As Mapua University adheres to its mission and vision, our school commits to the three major thrust namely quality Instruction, state of the art-research and nurturing community development.

The School of EECE provides a multitude of educational opportunities for all its students. We commit to assist students in their educational journey, not just in their bachelor’s programs but extending our services up to our postgraduate programs. These programs intend to equip students the needed readiness in their licensure examinations, industry/vendor certifications, and demands addressed by the industry.

As such, our faculty members are attuned to the latest digital trends in education, ensuring outcomes-based education are delivered to students. Our faculty members are highly competent and dedicated professionals who excel in providing the students with quality education on all available avenues of learning. At the school of EECE, students not only get the minimum academic requirement on their curricula but also with the latest and relevant skills needed by the industry through their specialization tracks. The school of EECE works with other units within Mapua University to ensure that our graduates will experience the holistic advantage. As awarded by the Commission on Higher Education as Center of Excellence for the three undergraduate programs, Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics Engineering (ECE), and Computer Engineering (CpE), the school proactively collaborates on academic, government and industry partners to engage in quality research. Not only with local research centers, the School of EECE has also made several collaborations with international research universities.

With all that said, I would like to end with one of the things I have learned from my graduate study, there is nothing impossible. Always be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. Again, I humbly welcome you all to the School of EECE.


Best regards,

Arnold C. Paglinawan, Ph.D.

Dean, School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering (EECE)

Mapua University