Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines – Mapúa University Student Edition


ICpEP.SE-Mapua, exclusively for computer engineering students, is an organization that aims to be the catalyst for both your academic and social needs. We provide different activities such as seminars, workshops, and competitions to help you hone and refine your abilities related to our profession. We also join outside activities and competitions, often interacting with different colleges and universities. Furthermore, we are always here to guide you with your academic difficulties, in the most sociable manner, of course. And in that way, we all build up not only a community, but a family under the same roof.

The organization’s domicile is located near the North Bridge along with Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. (IEEE). THINKERS-EECE’s application period is open on the first and third quarter of the academic year.


The Organization sees itself as the catalyst to the academic and social needs of computer engineering students of the Institute.


  • The Organization shall provide the academic needs of computer engineering students in the Institute through the use of collaborative learning.
  • The Organization shall provide relevant content and projects to the members without resorting to the use of illegitimate means or promoting unethical practices in attaining a
    better academic standing.
  • Core Values

    • I ntegrity
    • C ommitment
    • P rinciple
    • E nthusias
    • P erseverance
    • S ervice-oriented
    • E thical

    President:  Justine Gail S. Magpayo
    Internal Vice-President:  Alejandro R. Jerez III
    External Vice-President:  Roberto V. Santos Jr.
    Secretary:  Pamela R. Ramos
    Treasurer:  Eden Veronica S. Villar
    Auditor:  Rachel Abbie F. Fernando
    COO-Representative:  Dayne N. Fradejas
    Creative Commitee:  Christian Bhennz G. Soriano
    Membership Committee:  John Patrick G. Reyes
    Technical Committee:  Aaron Jason B. De Dios
    Non-Technical Committee:  Brian Mae C. Rabago
    Members of Board of Directors:  Chever Marq L. Roldan
       Joyce Ann J. Galarretta
       Mc Liam V. Mateo
       Llanz Adeo Fontanilla
       Adrian Y. Once
    Advisers:  Engr. Jocelyn F. Villaverde
       Engr. Jessie Balbin

    This organizations has no current events.

    Contact Information

    Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ICpEPseMapua/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICPEPSEMAPUA
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ICPEPSEMAPUA/
    Email: mapua.icpepse@gmail.com